All data is using Blockchain technology to protect you along with additional methods. It is safer than any cash, any credit card and many other digital wallets.

Global Bank Transfer

Global Bank Transfer

Works to move money in and out with any standard bank account. Use when needed, as needed.

Send Money

Send Money Peer-to-Peer

Move from your account to others and back. No hassle, no fuss. Eazy, affordable and safe.



Let's Keep Your Money Safe and Mobile

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We at AmazenPay are a trusted source to protect your money while having easy access to it. No matter where you are around the world it will work. Send money to friends and family - for business and even get rewards.
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We are here for you. Growing and helping people and vendors around the world.


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Tap and purchase with a click on a button.

QR code-ready or use your phone number as an account.

Send money - person to person across the world.

Rewards and points for just using the app.

Safe, easy, and did I say safe?



How easy can it be? We give you the confidence to know your transactions are safe and behind Blockchain security. Making it easy for you to send and receive money for people and businesses. All they have to do is use the app or be part of the AmazenPay network, and it's all free!
  • CryptoMake payments easily with your stored debit card, credit card, bank account, or reward credits.
  • Crypto Track all your payments in one place.
  • Crypto QR code-enabled for tap-and-go transactions.

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